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Is Your Chemical Spray Hose Out-Of-Date?

  • By Admin
  • 17 Jan, 2019
Chemical Hose
If you spray pests for a living, then you know just how important your chemical spray hose is. This is the device you rely on to help you get rid of pests and vermin, after all. Unfortunately, if your hoses are out of date, they may not do a very effective job. This can potentially tarnish the reputation of your business and cause you other problems.

For this reason, you'll want to ensure that your spray hose is as up to date and modern as possible. When you let your equipment get outdated, it often becomes inefficient and difficult to use, as well as ineffective.

Fortunately, certain key signs can clue you in to the fact that it's time for newer, more modern equipment. Learn how to recognize when you need to update your chemical spray hose.

Your Tank Is Rusting

Your sprayer is connected to a tank that contains all of the chemicals you need to fight pests. This rust can eventually spread to your hose and your entire system.

Rusting happens when the materials your system is comprised of are not strong enough to handle the chemicals they interact with. Rusting in the tank is often the first sign of this issue. And, as chemicals change with the times, tanks, hoses, and other components of your equipment need to change as well.

You can fix the problem by upgrading to a tank made of a stronger material, such as stainless steel, and a stronger hose to go with it. If you have rust anywhere in your system, you are not getting the job done as you should, and you'll need to take care of the rust — as well as the problem that caused the rust in the first place — immediately.

Your Hose Leaks

When you spray a home or business, all the spray should be put directly on the intended areas. What you don't want is spray leaking out. These are harsh chemicals, after all, and they need to be applied correctly.

Unfortunately, if your hose has a leak, those chemicals can leak out into unintended places, where they can potentially pose a risk to pets and people. If you notice a leak, the problem may be the fittings on your hose. And, while you can replace the fittings and make them more secure, you can keep the problem from coming back by upgrading to stronger, more durable equipment.

Your Hose Is Too Small

Hoses should perfectly and easily fit your equipment. If you find that you are regularly having to force your hose onto your equipment, know that this is a recipe for leaks and other disasters.

Often, people will upgrade most of their equipment but not their hoses. This can prove problematic. Remember, anytime that you use a hose, it should be as large as or larger than the pump intake opening.

A too-small hose will result in severe problems and is a definite sign that you need a hose upgrade.

Your Hose Vibrates

People often write vibrating hoses as normal. However, hose vibration, especially when it's extreme, is not normal in the least.

Typically, a vibrating hose means that you have an air leak or a clog. While cleaning and refitting valves and seals may help, usually, when this problem occurs, you will need to opt for a new spray hose.

Follow these tips and pay careful attention to your hose so that you know when to upgrade it. If you're unsure whether you need to update your hose or if you need help choosing a new hose for your business, contact the experts at KIMS International.
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