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Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic Fittings in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Giving You an Edge Over Competitors

With our superior understanding of the technology, manufacturing and design of fluid control systems, our team has come up with smart solutions that provide clients with an advantage in their industries.

Advantages of Our Fittings

Our pneumatic fittings are available in a variety of sizes and arrangements. With a captured O-ring design, their seal is tight and leak-proof. They are also corrosion-resistant and available in a number of barb and thread sizes to fit the requirements of your specific pneumatic system.

From push-to-connect fittings to pneumatic lubricators, KIMS International carries the parts necessary to enable fast tubing connection and disconnection.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

We’re happy to help you discover ways to improve your pneumatic control system, whether it be through our equipment or through professional advice. Get in touch with us today by calling us or visiting our location and learn more about our pneumatic fittings

Fittings in Pneumatic Control

Fittings are the critical link that connects components in pneumatic systems. KIMS International’s extensive inventory of pneumatic fittings will suffice for any of your connector or tubing requirements.

Pneumatic Fitting Supplies and More

At KIMS International, we supply all the parts and equipment you need to maintain your pneumatic control system.
  • Pneumatic quick couplings (air)
  • Push-to-connect fittings
  • DOT air brake fittings
  • Pneumatic filters
  • Pneumatic regulators
  • Pneumatic lubricators
  • Blow guns
  • Pressure gauges
  • Pressure valves
  • Hose fittings
Air Accessories
Professionals and DIYers everywhere rely on the quality of Amflo®, Camel®, and Tru-Flate® tire gauges, blow guns, tire hardware and air line hoses, reels, chucks, couplers, plugs, regulators, tire repair and tire hardware.
Plugs used with hoses
Couplers and Plugs
inflator gauge
Inflator Gauges
A Chuck
Blow Guns
Blow Guns
Air Line Fittings
Air Line Fittings
Hose Accessory
Filters, Regulators, Lubricators
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